8 things every beginner in Hay Day needs to know

Are you new to the mobile farming game Hay Day? If you are, there are a few things that every beginner should know about. You can really grow your farm faster and also get richer much more quickly if you knew these tips.

  1. Slower crops are more expensive

The crops that take a longer time to grow can be sold for more money. Sure it may take a bit more patience for you to fully grow and harvest these slow-growing crops, but the payoff, in the end, is more than worth it.

  1. There are freebies!

You may need to use real cash to get diamonds in Hay Day or use thehayhack.com, but there are a bunch of freebies that you can get too. For example, when your wheat silo is full you can turn your device over and shake it to get some free items.


  1. Watch the time on livestock and crops

When you are done with the feeding or watering your crops and livestock, there is a timer that will appear above them. It would be smart to watch that timer, as it will count down the time that it would take for the crop needs to be watered again. And you can also know when you should feed your animals again too.


  1. Sell stuff get coins

Whenever you already have goods to sell, you can actually get more coins from them. You can then use those coins to buy livestock or crops in Hay Day. And then you can, in turn, raise that livestock or crops to earn even more money, which you can use to expand your crops.

  1. Get your free diamonds

There are a bunch of free diamonds that are available to you, which you should not miss out on. These diamonds can be gotten whenever you level up or when you find a treasure chest on your farm. These diamonds can really help you out because they are a fast way for you to boost the speed of building construction.


  1. Find the building supplies

Look for the mystery boxes whenever they appear in the game. You can find building materials, which you could use to expand your storage space and barns. When you add more space to your silos and barns, you can store more crops and livestock respectively.


  1. Remove mature crops

When certain kinds of crops have matured, you will not get any more out of them. It would be a good idea to remove them as soon as they mature so that you can plant new crops in their place. Just simply select the sickle tool and then cut those crops away.

  1. Plan your space

You will need to use special tools such as TNT, dynamite, and axes in order to clear space in Hay Day. So you will need to plan ahead and generally be careful about the kind of space that you clear up on your farm. The more space that you clear out on your farm, then the more area that you will have for planting crops or adding new farm buildings.

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