Cheats of Guns of Boom

Guns of the boom is a popular game so the guns of boom hack is mentioned below that will help you to excel in this action game.

There will be no buttons for firing because this game doesn’t have one. So this game is quite simple when compared to other games because here you just have to put the crosshairs on the enemy and it will shoot automatically. But if you want your own control on everything in this game then you can definitely go to the settings and switch on the fire button.

Headshots will cause maximum damage than the regular shots specifically when you are using the rifle. So make sure that you are performing that perfect shot even if it is taking time so that the damage which it is going to cause will be deadly and it will help you to fetch some extra points. Even if you are performing the nondeadly headshots still it is going to provide you with huge points.

Killstreaks is very important because here teams will be competing with each other and they will be provided with extra points when they are killing a series of enemies without dying. If you are performing the double kill you will be getting 12 extra points and for performing triple kill you will be getting 25 points. So for putting your team on the leading board make sure that you are not dying by keeping the head low.

Grenades are very helpful in every situation if you don’t want to face the enemy from the front. You can throw the grenade without aiming and it can cause heavy damage. During some time it can also kill your enemy. It is very effective when you are performing mass killing or you don’t know the location of your enemy or have run out of bullets.

When you are playing with your team, make sure you have that spirit of working together. Playing alone or running alone is going to make you kill yourself because other teams will be playing together so it will be one player against the opponent team. So make sure that you are planning everything properly. Put the shotgunners in the front and the machine gunners to cover the team and sniper for clearing the enemies.

Make sure you have enough Guns of boom free gunbucks for availing a different kind of ammunition and extra facilities in this game.


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