Navigating Guns of Boom: Tips

This game is mainly an action game created by UAP Insight. It has been in existence since 15th of May 2017, and is available on both the Apple and Google play stores. Ensure you get some help from using the game hacks and acquire high amounts of gold. You will use this gold to buy different arsenal in the game.

Essential learn the control of your avatar

The first mission is to find a way out of the scene you are placed. By ensuring you follow our tips, you can quickly learn to control your character, beginning from the first to the last step.

The first lesson of the game is using the joystick in the bottom corner of the screen to move around (it is on the left), so look around and watch nearby adversaries that are trying to kill you.

The second thing you need to learn is the vital task of killing off your enemies. In this, you are required to move to your target and shoot as you destroy the three training aims.

When the tutorial is complete, you receive bonuses that helps you as you advance in the game.

Accomplish Tasks and acquire higher amounts of gold

There is setting of different missions for you to accomplish. The tasks result in you acquiring gun bucks and gold that you use to purchase varied weapons in the game. If you want more missions, you simply register with your username to unlock more tasks – that equals more guns and gold.

Make sure to get the best weaponry in the game shop.

You will use varied weapons in the different quests of Guns of Boom, and these include:

1-Legend weapon: Has 35 accuracy, 340 power, 38 magazine and 20 range.

2-Guillotine: Has 60 accuracy, 400 power, 35 magazine and 19 range.

3-Sting: Has 35 accuracy, 524 power, 30 magazine and 25 range.

4-Slicer: Has 47 accuracy, 652 power, 38 magazine and 25 range.

5-Scattershot: Has 22 accuracy, 776 power, 60 magazine and 18 range.

You can still get many weapons to use in the game such as machine guns, rifles, pistols and shotguns, so get yourself ready before all fights. You will wipe out random players worldwide, in addition to buying all the weapons mentioned above and more. In case you need extra help, learning how to hack guns of boom will allow you to get more gold that is useful for the game.

Make sure to challenge yourself: Lead the games Scoreboard.

Observe the rankings. Note the points for top players, and give yourself opportunities to score more

points than them. Prove to them that you are the best by leading the scoreboard of the game. One thing to noteyou will play against random players, so you will need to do your best by training hard and equip yourself well prior to every battle you enter.

Using the game trick will give you a lot of guns and gold to unlock arsenal, as well as upgrading them and unlocking higher levels.

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