The easiest way to start playing Free Fire Battleground

Free Fire Battleground has always been a very popular game among the MMORPG players. You can play this game on your Android or iOS devices. Here you will have to survive and fight against your opponent for securing a place on the island. The island will be shrinking with every passing minute which makes the game most thrilling. In the starting, the character of either Eve or Adam will be available. You will have to keep on hiding and securing required gears to kill the opponent.

You will be landed on the island by a parachute so you can choose the place from where you want to begin the game. So always be wise with your choice. Never spend the in-game currency unnecessarily. All the facts related to the game is mentioned below:

Facts related to this game

There are 8 characters in this game to choose from among which two of them are free that is Adam and Eve and other will be unlocked when you will proceed with this game.

You will be provided with a Minimap that will constantly notify you whether you are in the safe zone or not. Staying in the safe zone is important because if you ignore the minimap then chances of getting eliminated are high.

You can kill your opponent while they are in the parachute.

You will need to keep killing the opponents and take their weapons because it can also be an upgraded version.

Upgrading the character should always be centered around upgrading the skills and not just the costumes. If you need to upgrade the costumes then you have to use the free fire battlegrounds hack.

Always pick a helmet so that you can secure yourself from headshots. Stay away from the snipers and buy the bodysuit for protecting the torso.

Always keep yourself hidden in the first place because you will need to analyze your path and then make a move. If you are bad at aiming then you can make a shot towards your opponent to make them aware of your existence. When they will approach towards you then within 50 meters range you can easily shot and kill them.

Whenever you will be aiming the bullet will go in the straight direction. And if your opponent is moving continuously then you will have an aim in the next place where your opponent is going and not to the place where he is going now.

These few facts will help you to proceed properly at the beginning of the game. Follow them properly for a better outcome.

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