Things to know about gems in Clash of Clans Game

This is a strategy based game for the iOS and Android users where your job is to build a village or clan and buy troops and resource so that you can survive more in the game. You can play this game in both single and multiplayer mode. This game has many exciting features and with every upgradation, new properties will be unleashed.

Gems are the primary currency which is used in the famous game of Clash of Clans. To play this game properly you will be needing elixir, golds, troops but most importantly you will need to keep some gems on your hand because you can use these gems in many purposes in this game. So here is a guide that will help you to know about gems.

Ways for acquiring gems

Obstacles: For getting rewarded with some gems you can move the obstacle like trimming the trees or bushes or remove the rocks. You can assign your builder for removing all these trees, bushes or any other object that is near to your base so that you can get some gems. You will be getting gems for keeping the lawn of village clan clean. Among the obstacle item you will find a gem box and when you will remove it you will be getting a whopping number of 25 gems as they will appear randomly so you can get lucky anytime. One thing that you need to keep in mind that new objects or the gem box will only appear when they will some space in your base because if you are base is already filled with obstacles then chances of appearing of new obstacles is very rare so don’t miss the chance of getting gem box so make sure to keep your lawn clean.

Achievements: It is an easy way to secure free gems because with every achievement you will be awarded with gems. This achievement is measured by the number of levels you are completing on the game.

Ways for spending the gems in Clash of Clans

Normally you will be advised to save the gems unless you have a clash of clans hack apk but there are certain conditions or situation where using these gems will benefit you. But you have to make sure when to spend these gems as you can use the gems for anything in this game but you have to prioritize the needs which are quite tricky.

Builders: If your clan has less than 3 builders then you should buy some more but it is hard to buy the 4th builder because for that your town hall should be updated. So you have to be very much careful while spending on the builder because there are many upgrades like the walls, the storages that will require many time and resource. And the cost of the builders will increase significantly so spending gems on the fifth builder is very unreasonable.

Boosting: You can boost the barracks or the dark barracks, the spell factory by usingĀ this gems. It can also help you to train your troops faster and with minimum downtime, you can attack other clans again and again. So in this way, you will be able to get more trophies and resources and will stay on the top of the game by keeping all the enemies at the bay. So with the gems, you can easily boost your raiding capability and resource production.

If you are running out of gems then you can also try the Clash of clans Cheats which will help you in generating more gems without working much. You can easily get this cheats on many websites but make sure that they are not asking for your personal information or personal details.

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